I was wondering if anyone has had a good experience purchasing perscription pain medication using an online pharmacy. I want to get 5-10 tablets of 30 mg oxycodone .

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has anyone ever actually received the oc they bought from someone online on this site?

He says he is not a scammer and said to ask all his customers here if he is legit. I think he scams, but if you say he's legit I guess I have to believe him..lol

Best Answer: I can only answer this question in reference to UK law. On has anyone bought oxycodone on line

has anyone bought oxycodone on line

the whole it is illegal to supply prescription only medicines to patients without a .

Has anyone ordered oxycodone online without a prescription and gotten your meds with no problems? If so what website did you use? If ya can't stand the time do not .

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As a few people have already posted, Swim's noticed some people talking about fake OC . the oxycodone 40/325's do not exist.. They are counterfeit pills from .

OMG, do I ever need to talk to other people who understand what is happening to me! I was initially being managed for pain with Norco for over a year when I became .

Best Answer: Do it legally and get a prescription. Possession of a controlled substance without a prescription is a felony.

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